This cocktail was created by el Papashaker for the World Class competition under the influence of the culture of Thailand. Same as Thai cuisine it has a strong aromatic components and a spicy edge.Name “Chang Thai” means a Thai Elephant. Elephant in Thailand is national symbol and holds a deep spiritual significance. The background legend says that when Buddha’s mother, was pregnant with him she dreamt of a pure white elephant that bent down and presented her with a beautiful white lotus from his trunk. After she woke up from this dream she knew that this dream was the sign and her son will be special.

— Coconut Oil washed Ron Zacapa 100 ml

— Tom Yum syrup: ginger, lemon grass, lime kaffir leaves, chili pepper 50 ml

— Rice Milk 25 ml

— Lime juice 25 ml

— Dashes of fish sauce

Stir and double strain